Customizing Search Filters and Grid Columns

Check out this short tour on customizing your filters and grid results to quickly maximize all of your search results! See Sellercloud’s complete library of video tutorials for the Delta interface! Sellercloud offers powerful custom filtering and display features to easily target your data results on every search page, such […]

Amazon Transparency Service

Amazon Transparency is a product serialization service that helps identify individual products in order to prevent counterfeit items from reaching your customers. The Transparency service offers: Proactive counterfeit protection— Amazon has implemented Transparency checks to proactively prevent counterfeits of Transparency-enabled products from reaching customers. Authenticity verification by customers— Transparency allows […]

Channel Integrations in Sellercloud

The table below shows all the channel integrations currently available in Sellercloud. We are continually adding new ones to meet our clients’ needs. Channel Integration Type Channel Specifics 3DCart Website integration via 3DCart’s API or plugin. API key found in the Admin Portal. Access Settings > Modules > Search for […]

Connecting with Zapier

Connect Sellercloud to hundreds of other apps with Zapier! Zapier lets you connect Sellercloud to 2,000+ other web services. Automated connections called Zaps, set up in minutes with no coding, can automate your day-to-day tasks and build workflows between apps that otherwise wouldn’t be possible. Each Zap has one app as […]

Post Products to Reverb

Reverb requires the completion of the following properties before a product is ready for listing (the other properties are not mandatory): Enable the product for the Reverb channel. Listing ID – Auto-populates when you successfully list the product for the first time. Set the price for Reverb (or use the […]

P&L Order Details (Profit by Order Details)

Using P&L reports This report shows Profit and Loss (P&L) by individual order based on transactions made on a specific date or range of dates. From there, you can click each order to open its details. To access this report in Sellercloud, click Reports, then either: P&L Reports > P&L Order Details; OR Transaction […]

Delta Video Tutorials

Check out our library of tutorials that can introduce you to Sellercloud’s Delta interface! Delta interface Customizing the dashboard Customizing the user experience Customizing columns and filters Using the morphing search Managing user permissions Products Adding products Deleting products Bulk-updating products Importing product information Exporting product information Changing product images […]

Shopify Webhooks

Please read first! This topic explains Shopify webhooks in the Delta interface. For instructions in Sellercloud’s original interface, please download this file. If you are experiencing overselling with Shopify orders simply because inventory feeds are not updating your inventory fast enough, Shopify webhooks may be a solution. Sellercloud can use Shopify webhooks to receive […]

Using Shopify Webhooks

Please read first! This topic explains Shopify webhooks in the Delta interface. For instructions in Sellercloud’s original interface, please download this file. Why use a Shopify webhook? Webhooks are a tool for retrieving data based on certain events. SellerCloud can use Shopify webhooks to be immediately notified whenever events such as the following occur […]

Product Profit Summary (Profit by Product Summary)

This report can show FBA inbound shipping costs by product when filtering by “Transaction” for the date type and “FBA” for the channel. Dividing the cost per unit in the FBA shipment and showing it in this report is an alternative workflow to manually applying the cost per unit to the related orders as […]