Import Customer Accounts

Importing customer accounts to Sellercloud saves you time by allowing you to upload customer information in bulk. Simply download a file template, populate the fields, and upload it into Sellercloud. 1. Click Customers > Tools > Import Customers. 2. Import Customer Info > File Type > Choose CSV, Excel, or Tab […]

FBA Inbound Shipment Details Page

Understanding the FBA Inbound Shipment Details page You automatically make a FBA Inbound Shipment Details page after using the FBA Inbound Shipment Wizard to create an FBA Inbound shipment. This page provides you with more in-depth information about specific shipments. To access the FBA Inbound Shipments Details page: Go to […]

New Accordions

Click here for information related to Sellercloud’s original interface. Integration workflow Integrating your Shopify store with Sellercloud comprises 3 short procedures explained in this topic: Configure the API to connect to your Shopify store. Required before going live: If you have listings on Shopify, import them into Sellercloud. Set the […]

Integrating Chewy via DSCO

  Understanding DCSO API integration Sellercloud can establish an API connection with Chewy via DSCO. This connection will be through plugins which will have to be installed on your server. You’ll need to request your API Token, Supplier Account ID, API Username and Warehouse Supplier Code from DSCO. If you are […]

Posting Sellercloud Products to Quickbooks

Understanding product posting through QuickBooks When posting invoices or purchase orders to QuickBooks, the items must be created and mapped in QuickBooks. If items aren’t created and mapped, the information will post to a default account. Posting products through QuickBooks also works if you need to map products to existing […]

Sample Template for All Amazon Document Failures

Below is a sample template that can be used to receive failure notification and error responses for all Amazon document upload failures, including inventory, price, order cancellation, order refund etc.. The placeholders will pull the response from the Amazon uploaded documents. The template must be assigned to the AmazonUploadedDocumentProcessingFailure template assignment for the […]

Macy’s Integration

Selling to Macy’s Macy’s is one of the largest and oldest department store chains in the United States. The company features a wide range of clothing, accessories, home goods, gifts, and food. Macy’s does not have an online marketplace like other channels. Instead, a vendor can sell their products to Macy and […]

ShipStation Integration

Understanding ShipStation Amazon’s Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders should not be sent to ShipStation to ship because they will not be properly flagged as Prime orders, which may cause them to ship using your own carrier accounts. Seller-Fulfilled Prime orders should only ship through Sellercloud or ShipBridge by following these instructions. You can […]

Customizing Search Filters and Grid Columns

Check out this short tour on customizing your filters and grid results to quickly maximize all of your search results! See Sellercloud’s complete library of video tutorials for the Delta interface! Sellercloud offers powerful custom filtering and display features to easily target your data results on every search page, such […]