Acknowledging Order Notes and Product Warnings

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Understanding notes and warnings

If an order includes customer service notes and instructions or is for products with warnings, these notes and warnings will require acknowledgement before the order is allowed to ship.
Here are 3 sample situations for using this feature:

  • Customer service note Add a note to ensure the warehouse ships the correct product if 2 color names are close; e.g., Grey and Dark Grey.
  • Flag a product with a message that requires acknowledgement before shipping is allowed.
  • Customer instructions Customer requested “This is a gift, please don’t include a receipt.

A useful time for warnings is when products are subject to Proposition 65 regulations. If so, the message will appear in all orders in ShipBridge to confirm that the appropriate warning labels exist before shipping is allowed. Learn more about Sellercloud’s features that help you manage Proposition 65 compliance.

Product warnings are automatically included in the attributes sent to the channel that lists that product.
Note: If that warning is used for Proposition 65 purposes, this makes the product’s listing compliant

Adding a note to an order

You can add any customer service note that you want to be acknowledged before shipping:

  1. In an existing order go to the notes panel. Select Customer Service > Add Note.sellercloud order details customer service note
  2. Type the note > Add.sellercloud order details customer service note add note
  3. The note appears in 2 places:
    1. In the order.
    2. ShipBridge > Unshipped tab > Selected order in the grid.

Adding a warning to a product

A product can include a warning to be acknowledged before shipping:

  1. Catalog > Manage Catalog > Product details page > Toolbox > Shipping Preferences > Shipping Requirements.
  2. Enter your message in the Warning box > Save.sellercloud shipping preferences require warning note acknowledgment
  3. This message appears in 3 places:
    1. ShipBridge grid > Unshipped tab > Handling Instructions tab.sellercloud shipbridge product warning
    2. Scan and Ship:
      1. Check Products tab > Handling Instructions tab.sellercloud shipbridge acknowledge order note
      2. Print & Ship tab > Pop-up note.sellercloud shipbridge scan and ship

Acknowledging a note or warning in ShipBridge

ShipBridge has 2 places where you can acknowledge a customer service note or product warning:

  • ShipBridge grid— Select the order > Click the Customer Service or Handling Instructions tabs > Read the note or warning > Click Acknowledge to clear the buttonsellercloud shipbridge acknowledge note or warning

  • In Scan and Ship > Find the order

    • For a Customer Note: Click the Customer Service tab > Read the note > Click the red warning icon to mark it as readsellercloud shipbridge scan and ship note warning
    • For a Product Warning: Click the Handling Instructions tab > Read the warning > Click
      the warning icon to mark it as read. The warning remains with the icon marked as read. This action will clear the Acknowledge button from the selected order in the grid


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