Adding Discounts to a Purchase Order

Where applicable, you can add discounts to the PO. The discounts can be applied as a dollar value or as a percentage of the unit price. The following configurations can be used for adding discounts:

Item line discount – A single discount applied to individual item on the PO. Each item can have a separate discount value. Discounts are calculated per unit. Please Note: client setting Enable Multi discounts for PO must be disabled for the line item discount column to display.

  1. In the Unit Discount field (next to the Unit Price field) add a value and select $ or %.
  2. Save the PO.
  3. The Adjusted Price column will update with the adjusted price per unit.

Fixed Total Discount – A fixed discount value added to a PO. For example, $1000 off an entire PO.

  1. Open the action menu and select Enable Fixed Discount Total. Press Go.
  2. An editable discount field will display above the PO Subtotal.
  3. Enter the discount dollar value and save.
  4. The discount will be applied to each order item (divided by total units in the PO)

Multi-Header Discount – A single discount value that is applied to the all items in the purchase order. For example, if the discount is $2 dollars, then $2 will be deducted from every item in the PO. Multiple Header Discounts can be added.
Multi-Item Line Discounts – Discounts applied at the item level on the PO. (Item line discounts need to be added this way when Multi-Discounts are enabled)
Vendor Qty Discount – Discounts based on the qty of items ordered.

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