Amazon Bullet Points

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Updating bullet points

In Sellercloud, you can add bullets for your Amazon listings for one or multiple listings. Amazon listings can have up to 5 bullet points. They are displayed on the top of the listing and can be used to provide short information for the product’s features.

Sellercloud amazon listing bullet point callout

Updating single product bullet points

  1. Access Catalog > Manage Catalog > Choose your Amazon listing > Toolbox > Amazon Properties.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Go to the Listing Details window. Click the icon indicated below.sellercloud amazon properties listing details bullet point
  4. Add bullet points using the plus button. You can add text and delete bullet points if needed.
    sellercloud listing details edit
  5. Save > Save.

Adding bullet points via bulk update

  1. Access Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info > Bulk Product Update.
  2. Generate template or make your own.
  3. Populate columns with the ProductID and ProductBullet1, ProductBullet2, ProductBullet3, etc. The ProductID must be the first column.
  4. Save your file. Go back to Bulk Product Update > Select file > Upload.

Using Amazon Bullet Points on other channels

Amazon Bullet points can be included in the eBay’s Description template, which can also be used for other channels like Walmart Marketplace and some websites. You can use the following placeholders:

  • #?ProductBullet?#
  • #?ProductBullet2?#
  • #?ProductBullet3?#
  • #?ProductBullet4?#
  • #?ProductBullet5?#

To access:

  1. Choose product from Manage Catalog. Select Toolbox > eBay Properties.
  2. Click Edit.
  3. Go to Listing Details > Click Change next to Product Description.sellercloud product details ebay properties listing details page
  4. Insert your product’s description in the text box > Save.sellercloud listing details product description text box window


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