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APRIL 2020 UPDATE: Amazon has announced they will be putting Amazon Shipping on hold starting in June 2020. An end date for that hold is not yet available.


  • You must be a registered Amazon merchant (have a merchant ID) to complete the Amazon Shipping configuration in ShipBridge
  • You must be enrolled in this Amazon Shipping service to successfully authorize orders to ship
  • You must be running ShipBridge Version and Sellercloud DBVS Version 8268


Amazon Shipping is also known as off-Amazon. This is a standalone service to ship orders that do not originate from Amazon. Enrolling in off-Amazon is a separate enrollment from on-Amazon, which is Amazon’s shipping service for Amazon orders only. You can enroll and use both of these services, or only one of them.

Enrolling in off-Amazon automatically enrolls you in the on-Amazon service; however, the reverse is not true. Simply enrolling only in on-Amazon does not automatically enroll you in off-Amazon. Therefore, you MUST follow the steps below to properly enroll in off-Amazon (Amazon Shipping).

To register as an Amazon seller, please contact Amazon.

About Amazon Shipping

Sellercloud’s Amazon Shipping integration lets enrolled Amazon sellers fulfill all of their orders from other marketplaces – not just for orders originating from Amazon – using our ShipBridge application.

Key points:

  • Amazon Shipping is for the ground shipping of domestic orders only
  • Multiple packages per order are currently disallowed
  • Amazon Prime orders are ineligible for Amazon Shipping

Configuring ShipBridge for Amazon Shipping

You must follow these steps to configure off-Amazon (Amazon Shipping). The configuration process entails authenticating and acquiring an Amazon token for a registered company:

The Enable Amazon Shipping (Beta) setting must be selected and saved on the Admin tab to display the Amazon Shipping tab. Show me.
  1. Open ShipBridge.
  2. Click Menu > Options > Carriers > Amazon Shipping.

  3. Enter your Amazon Merchant ID in the Merchant ID field > click Authenticate. The SellerCentral Login page appears.

  4. Sign into your SellerCentral account > click Consent. The Sellercloud-Amazon Shipping page appears.

  5. Enter your Team Name or Server URL, Username, and Password > click Login.
  6. Choose the company to register from the Select Company dropdown list.

  7. Click Register. The message appears “You have successfully obtained refresh token from Amazon Shipping!”
  8. At the pop-up window, check the box In the future, do not show this warning > click Yes.

  9. Close the window and return to the Amazon Shipping tab.

  10. Click Acquire Token (After Authentication). The Amazon Token Required box will become checked and disabled.
  11. To enable this method in ShipBridge, click the Use new Amazon Shipping box > Save.

Shipping and printing labels

After a successful Amazon Shipping configuration, here’s how to use ShipBridge to purchase and print labels for Amazon Shipping:

  1. In ShipBridge, select the order to ship > press F6 key (Rate Calculator) or right-click > choose Calculate Rates.
    Notice that “Amazon Shipping Ground” is in the list of carriers below; this is Amazing Shipping service.

  2. Notice that Amazing Shipping appears as “Amazon API Ground” in the Carrier column for the order below.

  3. With the order selected, right-click > Ship and Print Labels.

If you use ShipBridge’s Scan and Ship service, you will choose “Amazon API Ground” from the Shipping Service dropdown. Show me.
Learn more about Scan and Ship.

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