Vendor Invoices

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Understanding vendor invoices

A vendor invoice is a document that lists the amounts owed to the supplier by the buyer. In Sellercloud, you can easily manage and view various vendor invoices from the Invoices toolbox on the vendor’s details page.

In Client Settings, Enable Vendor Invoices Workflow functions in a few different ways:

  • If enabled, it should show the first found invoice from the vendor’s Invoices toolbox that is related to a PO receiving session
  • If disabled and EnableMultipleInvoicesForPurchaseOrders is enabled, then it should show the first invoice in Purchase_Invoice
  • If disabled and EnableMultipleInvoicesForPurchaseOrders is disabled, then it should show the PO.VendorInvoiceNumber

Enabling this Client Setting will populate the Invoice Number column on the Manage Purchase Orders page.

Applying payment to vendor invoices

After creating a vendor invoice for reconciliation, you can record payments made against the invoice. Even if you are not paying the invoice in full, you can track your applied payments as you pay off the balance. The payments can be recorded even before receiving the PO, as it’s common for retailers to prepay purchase orders.

  1. Click Company Settings > Company > Toolbox > Vendors.
  2. Select Vendor > Toolbox > Invoices.
  3. Click the desired invoice.
  4. Go to Actions > Apply Payment.
  5. Complete the required fields > Savesellercloud invoice apply payment
  6. Clicking on the notification will redirect you to the Payment Details page.
  7. Or, you can view this payment from Vendor > Toolbox > Payments. sellercloud vendor invoice payments panel
  8. You can also apply a payment from this page. Simply click Edit > Apply Payment for Vendor.apply payments to vendor invoices
  9. Complete the required fields > Save > Save.

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