Applying Payment to Orders Overview


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Applying payments to orders

Payments for orders are handled automatically from a third party market place, or can be entered manually for phone, email, and wholesale orders. Amazon orders come into the system marked as paid since Amazon handles the payment from the customer completely, whereas eBay orders are handled by PayPal or other processors. It is possible for eBay orders to initially download as Unpaid, and have payment applied at a later date. Sellercloud verifies that eBay orders are paid by matching the eBay orders with the corresponding PayPal (or other processors) transaction ID.

Unpaid eBay orders will download without the Ship To address. This is because Sellercloud uses the finalized address from the payment record, rather than what is supplied by eBay. When the payment record is pulled in the Ship To address will update.

Sellercloud records payments and submits credit and debit card payments for processing. When entering the payment, you can change the payment date to reflect an earlier or later date. This is often used when processing a payment paid with a check. 

  • The Client Setting Allow to enter payment date for Orders must be enabled.
  • The payment date fields is right under the payment amount field on the Receive Payments page.

To access this function:

  1. Order details page > Toolbox > Payment.
  2. Go to Payments > Use the card icon in the corner.sellercloud order details page payments
  3. Select your Operation Type (the payment type) and complete the required fields.sellercloud order details page payments receive payment
When creating replacement or related orders, the order may show as No payment. This can happen because the item doesn’t have a price or the payment from the original order did not transfer. This can be fixed manually by setting a price to the item. If it already has a price, add the price of the item as a discount to the order. It will be automatically marked as charged and ready to ship.


Cash payments

  1. Select Operation Type Receive Manual Payment
  2. Input the Amount.
  3. Select Payment Method > Cash.sellercloud order details payments receive payment cash
  4. Receive Payment  

You can select other types of Manual Payments such as email, gift certificate, purchase order, telephone, wire, PayPal, and other.


Check payments

  1. Select Operation Type > New Credit Card Charge.
  2. Enter Amount and Check Number.sellercloud order details page receive payment check
  3. Receive Check.


Credit card payments

  1. Select Operation Type > New Credit Card Charge.
  2. Fill in the Amount.
  3. Complete card Name, Card Number, expiration date, and CVV.sellercloud order details receive payment credit card
  4. Click the blue arrow.
  5. Fill in Billing Address information. You can paste saved addresses and validate addresses.sellercloud order details receive payment credit card billing address
  6. Complete Shipping Address. If the same as billing, select Same as Billing.sellercloud order details page receive payment credit card shipping address
  7. Execute New Credit Card Charge using the green flag.


PayPal payments

  1. Select Operation Type > Receive Manual Payment.
  2. Click Payment Method > PayPal.
  3. Receive Payment.

Read sub-page on how to submit a PayPal Invoice for local order. Website orders that are paid through PayPal will be recorded automatically with the PayPal transaction ID. Read about PayPal configuration for website orders here


Other payment types

You can set to receive other payment types from your company setting page.

Access Company Settings > Toolbox > Payment Settings.


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