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eBay’s listing format differs from those of most other channels. With most channels, sellers upload their products to an existing listing page. Even when stock runs out, the listing remains posted with a quantity of zero. Therefore, as soon as your inventory replenishes, SellerCloud is able to simply update your listing with the new quantity and the item will become available for sale again.

With eBay, however, each seller creates their own listing. Once the listing quantity of an item is depleted, the listing is removed, or ended, from eBay. Then, when your stock is replenished, the item will need to be relisted as a new listing. (eBay added a feature to keep Fixed Price with GTC out of stock listings alive. Read more about that here.) When using the “Generate Fixed Price Listing” option, SellerCloud will re-list automatically.

This option works when listing an item the first time as well. It’s important to  note that when an item is initially set to automatically list there is a delay until the time it actually posts. This delay is to prevent a situation of a user not realizing that the item is set to automatically post and initiates the listing manually, resulting in duplicate listings. With the delay, the system has time to determine if the item is currently posted and will not generate an automatic listing.

Open the eBay Properties page of an item.  Locate the checkbox Generate Fixed Price Listing. When set, SellerCloud will constantly check if the item is eBay Ready, eBay enabled, and in stock. If it is, SellerCloud will check the eBay active listings report to determine if the item is listed on on eBay. If it’s not, it will be automatically listed as soon as the stock has been replenished.

Please Note: eBay Product Listing Service must be running on the server. Ask SellerCloud support to turn on the service.

Another option is to set an end date for listings and re-list them automatically. This may help listing ratings. Enable the client setting Allow Custom Fixed Price Listing Duration. Then, enable the Generate Fixed Price Listing. A drop down will display allow a selection of days for the listing. When the date has been reached, the listing will end and relist automatically.    

If you want a product to always be active on eBay, mark it as Replenishable. Then enter a quantity value in the Fixed Price Listing field. Now the listing will be active on eBay regardless of its real inventory level, and instead will display the Fixed Price Listing quantity.

Auto listing can also be set as a default setting at the company level. Navigate to the eBay Setting in the Company Settings toolbox. On the side eBay menu select eBay Attribute Defaults. Now enable the Generate Fixed Price Listing option.

Multiple products can be updated to generate automatic listings on the Manage Inventory page. Open the Advanced Search tab and select eBay in the mode field. Now select all items that you want to edit and click Bulk Edit on the Action Menu. On the Bulk edit page select the option to Generate Fixed Price Item and click Update.
To update products with a file import use the column header GenerateFixedPriceItem.

If you only want items to be listed automatically when there is a certain amount of available quantity, open the eBay General Settings page and enter a quantity value in the field called  Min. Inventory for Auto Listing.

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