Batch Print Labels to PDF

The feature to batch-print to PDF lets you generate multiple labels and save them to one PDF file on your PC.

  1. Click Menu >  Options > Batches tab.
  2. Click Save labels to a single batch PDF file – This will save a batch print to a regular PDF file.
  • Prepare for thermal printing – When selected with the setting above, the file will be saved in a format compatible with a thermal printer as a 4 x 6 label (see Step #5 below).
  • Auto-open after Saving – When selected, the file will automatically open for review and printing.
  1. Click Save.
  2. Ship your order using the Process Batches option to generate and save a single PDF file.
  3. When printing the labels to a thermal printer (as configured above), you may need to select the option “Fit” on the printer dialog page under the sizing options.
If you want to batch print half-label/half-invoices to PDF, follow the the steps below. (Currently, this feature is only available for Endicia.)

Batch printing half-label / half-invoices to PDF

  1. Click Menu > Options > Batches tab > check Save labels to a single batch PDF file AND Print label and invoice on half page on single PDF file > click Save.
  2. Click Menu > Options > Invoice tab > check Print API label/invoice on half page > Save.

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