Bulk Edit eBay Listings Overview

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There are three ways to bulk eBay attributes on multiple products:
  1. Edit eBay Details
  2. Bulk Edit
  3. Bulk Update Products -To learn more about Bulk Update Products, read here.
The first two options can be accessed from the action menu of the Manage Inventory page when set in eBay Mode.
  1. Go to Manage Inventory.
  2. Open the Advanced Search tab and click open the Mode field at the top right.
  3. Select eBay.
  4. You can also filter the search from the eBay filter to narrow your search to specific products. In the image below, the search is filtered to products that are Posted and Active on eBay.
  5. Click Search. The Grid will display with eBay attributes.
  6. To edit products individually, select Edit eBay Details to “open” the grid to allow editing.
  7. To edit multiple products together and apply similar values to them, select the
    products you want to edit and click Bulk Edit from the action menu. On
    the following page, a grid will display all the products you selected for
  8. Below the grid are eBay properties fields that can be bulk edited. They are:
    • eBay Enabled
    • Start Price
    • Buy It Now Price
    • Reserve Price
    • Fixed Price Qty
    • Safety Qty
    • Enable Get it Fast
    • Enable Best Offer
    • Generate Fixed Price item
    • Maintain Fixed Price Qty
    • Enable Global Shipping Program
    • Enable Out of Stock Listings
    • Enable Extended Holiday Return
    • eBay Category 1
    • Max Dispatch Time
    • eBay Category 2
    • Store Category 1
    • Store Category 2
    • Condition
    • Description Template
    • Shipping Template
  9. After editing the appropriate properties, make sure to select the fields you will be
    editing and remaining blank fields are unchecked. If a blank field is checked, those attributes will be erased on the
    products during the update.
  10. From the action menu, select the revision action needed. If you edited multiple attributes select Revise on eBay, and click GO.


Note: When revising all eBay products, the Max Records field must be set to include the quantity of SKUs. In the image above the Max Record (located right above the Mode field) is set to 100, but in can be set to 100,000.
Note: Revising 10 or more products will schedule a queued job and process in the background so you can continue working without interference.

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