Bulk Update Products Overview

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Check out this short tutorial on creating new or updating existing products using the Bulk-Update feature in Sellercloud’s new interface.


Creating or editing bulk products

This Sellercloud feature lets you upload multiple new products or update multiple existing products simultaneously. Bulk Product Update also lets you delete multiple products at once. By using a custom template, you choose the information to include for each column and can even save the template for later use.

Inventory levels cannot be set or updated through Bulk Update. To update inventory, use Inventory > Tools > Import Inventory Info.
  1. Use Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info.
  2. Click Bulk Product Update.
    sellercloud import data bulk product update
  3. Click Generate Template to create a new template or use a saved one. Select Create New Template > choose Format > Add Columns to Template > Download. Below is an excel example.
    sellercloud excel bulk product update template

Key points:

  • The file must have the ProductID (SKU) or UPC as the first column. This column is populated by default in the template
  • ProductName is added to clarify which products you are updating
  • Existing products can be updated with their UPC, but new products can only be created with a ProductID (SKU) as the first column
  • If you are creating a new product, check Create Products That Don’t Exist
  • The minimum required columns to create a new product are ProductID and ProductName
  1. After saving your template, return to Bulk Product Update. Select File > Upload.
    sellercloud bulk product update window upload file
You can schedule a bulk-update for off-hours, which is convenient and most efficient for big jobs. Click the Schedule For Later checkbox to set a date and time.

Deleting titles in bulk product update

In Sellercloud, there are main product names and product titles. Titles refer to the names of products specific to different channels. Deleting these titles allows you to use the main product name in Sellercloud instead of the different titles for certain channels.

  1. Use Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info.
  2. Generate Template. Your template should include the ProductID (SKU), Title, and _Action_. Type Delete into the _Action_ column.
    sellercloud delete bulk products excel example
  3. Select File > Upload.

Accessing the bulk update log

The Bulk Update Product Log records changes to product attributes that have been updated with a file import. Here, you can view the status of your job and of each individual product in that job.

The bulk update log can be accessed by:

  1. Doing a bulk update.
  2. Clicking on the queued job notification.
  3. Accessing Queued Jobs to find your bulk update job. The grid will display all jobs searchable by Job ID, date, etc. Press a Job ID to open.

The main page of your queued job will provide general information, parameters, and a log. The log shows the progress of your job with the time and a message indicating its status at that given time. To access the Bulk Update Log use:

  1. Toolbox > Bulk Update Log
  2. View the products in your bulk update in the Products window. This features the SKU associated with the product, whether the update was successful for that product, warnings, and errors.
sellercloud bulk product update log products window
To download the original bulk product update log file, use the Actions dropdown on the job’s main page in Manage Inventory. Click Export to Excel.


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