Changing Shipping Info on Multiple Orders

You can change the carrier and weight on one or multiple orders in ShipBridge through the following steps:

  1. Select an order that already has the desired carrier and weight values
  2. Open the menu, and select Copy Row Info (the entire row will turn gray).
  3. Select the order rows that you want to copy the shipping method into, by checking the order and holding down the SHIFT key on the keyboard so that all rows turn blue.
  4. Select Confirm Copy on the menu, and the selected rows will update.
  5. Shipping the order now will ship with the updated method, however this is only a temporary update. Clicking refresh will return it to the previous shipping method.
  6. To update permanently, after completing the above process open the menu and click Save List, or select the updated orders and click Save Selected Orders. The orders will be permanently updated in ShipBridge and SellerCloud, and the invoices will reflect the updated method (when method is shown on the invoice). 

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