Channel Warehouse

The Channel Warehouse page is accessed from your company’s Toolbox > Channel Warehouse:

These settings let you set a specific warehouse for each channel, which has a number of impacts as outlined below:

  • If no warehouse is selected, inventory is deducted from the Default Warehouse (in Client Settings) even if there are no available quantities.
  • When a warehouse is set on a channel, the ShipFrom warehouse on all the channel’s orders will default to this warehouse. Typically, all orders have a ShipFrom warehouse of your default warehouse. Quantity will always deduct from the ShipFrom warehouse regardless of its current quantity.
    Other settings and customizations, such as post-order plugins, may affect the ShipFrom warehouse set on an order.
  • Restrict Inventory Usage box means the selected warehouse will be the only warehouse whose inventory is sent to the channel. Learn more about restricting inventory to a specific warehouse for a given channel.
  • Inventory Percent column is enabled by the Client Setting Enable Channel Inventory by percentage. This can be used to determine how much of inventory in this warehouse is sent to the channel, a useful tool for preventing overselling. Learn more about inventory percentage per channel.
  • To have FBA inventory imported into SellerCloud for your company, set the FBA Warehouse for the FBA channel on this page. Learn more about FBA inventory.

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