Collect Files

To troubleshoot order issues in ShipBridge, SellerCloud Support may need the files, logs, and settings related to the order(s). You can easily collect them into a zip file.

Do you only need to export the Settings file? See how.
  1. In ShipBridge, go to Help > Collect Files. Show me where. In the Collect Files pop-up, all settings and log files are checked by default.

  2. Unless advised, leave these boxes checked, but use the following options as needed:
    1. Files modified between – Enter a date range for log file collection
    2. Filter for order #s – If the issue is related to specific order(s), enter the order number(s) in the text field, separating multiple orders with commas
    3. Check file contents – Use this option in the scenario of batch shipping or printing labels through Dazzle or WorldShip
  3. Click Collect Files.
  4. Save the zipped files to a designated location.
  5. Attach the zip file to your support ticket or to an email to your SellerCloud account manager.

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