Company Profile per Channel

By default, the Company Name and Ship From address that appears on a shipping label and invoice is the company’s Address set on the company’s General Settings page.

However, the same company can have different names and addresses for different channels. Likewise, a different logo can be printed on invoices depending on the sales channels.

For example, if your web store has one company profile, but on Amazon you sell under a different name, you can set different profiles for the web store and for your Amazon account.  Here’s how:

  1. In Client Settings, select Enable Channel Company Profile.
  2. Go to Company Settings and select the company.
  3. From the toolbox, select Channel Company Profile.
  4. Select a Channel from the dropdown list.
  5. Add a company profile for the channel: Company Name, Address, contact information and Logo Files. Invoices printed from SellerCloud will show the new company profile for that sales channel’s orders. To configure the labels and invoices for ShipBridge, see below.
  6. In ShipBridge > click Menu > Options > Admin tab (to configure this password-protected tab, contact SellerCloud Support) > select Use company profile where enabled and available > Save.

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