Creating New ASINs on Amazon

While the Amazon catalog is expansive, there may be some products you want to post that are new to the channel and require a new ASIN to be created. This happens often for private label items that are not sold by other merchants. SellerCloud offers a functionality that lists your items using product data from SellerCloud and creates a new ASIN.


In order to use this feature, follow these steps:

  1. Enable the following client settings:
    1. Enable Amazon Product Attributes
    2. Enable Amazon Product Attributes posting (XML)
  2. A  link “Manage Attributes” will be appear on the Amazon Properties page. Click the link to select the appropriate parent category and subcategory.
  3. Once a category is selected, a number of category-dependent attributes will appear and need to be filled out. The required attributes will be highlighted in red.
  4. Amazon requires products to be listed with either UPC or ASIN, so in this case you will have to enter the UPC.
  5. Once all required attributes are populated, the item can be posted from the Action Menu of the  Amazon Properties page, or in bulk from the Manage Inventory Action Menu by selecting “Launch on Channel”.
Note: Currently, for sellers enrolled in the Handmade at Amazon program, we are not able to publish new listings. All items being listed must have a UPC.



There is a lot information that needs to be added before Amazon accepts your product successfully. They will generate an error that will describe the issue most of the times.

The information below may not apply to all categories since they have different requirements.
  1. Enter correct Master SKU. This is also referred as MPN ( Manufacturer Part Number).
  2. Item Type – This field is required. You can check your item type here. Get the value from the BTG files.
  3. Set the product as FBM (Fulfilled by Merchant).
  4. Select the correct Top and Sub Categories.
  5. All categories contain the attributes for batteries. Set AreBatteriesRequired, AreBatteriesIncluded to False if your product does not require or contain those.
  6. After you posted your product successfully, you can search it by UPC on Amazon to confirm it was listed.

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