Creating new orders

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Creating new orders

In Sellercloud, you can manually create new orders. Here, you can input customer information or look up existing customer profiles in your account. You can also control shipping details, add products, and manage the order’s billing information.

Do not use the Create New Order function for orders that were placed via any of the channels with which your Sellercloud account is integrated. Doing this can result in shipping the same order twice. 

  1. Access Orders > Create New Order.
  2. Complete Customer information and Order Details. You can search for a customer using the icon in the corner of Customer. Click the blue arrow to continue.sellercloud find customer create new order
  3. Click Add Products.sellerloud create new order add products
  4. Select your products > Add & Close. You can add filters to find products (such as SKU, Vendor SKU, Price, etc.) or enable SKU List Mode to paste multiple SKUs.sellercloud create new order add products search using filter
  5. Input quantities for each item > Complete Items Added, Quantity, and Est. Price > Click the blue arrow.sellercloud create new order add products input quantitiessellercloud create new order add products running totals
  6. Complete Shipping Address and Shipping Method > Click the dollar icon for the Shipping Calculator.sellercloud create new order shipping address and shipping method The carrier’s Shipping API credentials must be configured on the Shipping API page to appear in the shipping rates window.
  7. Fill out Billing Address information > Click the green flag. If same as shipping address, select Same as Shipping.sellercloud create new order billing address and order total


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