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Shipping an international package typically requires filling out a customs declaration with additional sender and product information. SellerCloud makes that easier with a number of settings to set default values in the customs form.
Customs Signer will print the shipper’s name on the customs form
Default Customs Item Name prints a standard product name on the customs form instead of the actual product names. For example, if you    are selling makeup powder it would be better for the customs form to say ‘makeup’ and not ‘powder’ since powder will trigger additional inspections.
Contents Type can be set to Merchandise or Gift for example.
Divide item weight equally for   multi-item orders a shortcut to fill in the weight information for the products in the order. Customs usually requires weights to be itemized for each product in the order, and that the sum of all the weights equals the total weight of the order.
Adjust declared price by will adjust the product values in the customs form higher or lower. Unless adjusted, ShipBridge will print the exact values from the order details.
When customs value is can set the declared value on the customs form to $1 since the customs form requires some value and $0 is not accepted.
Dazzle: Do not populate customs declaration form disables customs declaration forms for USPS shipments. This setting is used by some companies who send their products in small envelopes and don’t bother to include customs documents. It is advisable to always use customs declaration forms.
Maximum declared value can be enabled to prevent the declared value from showing too high of a number. Some companies are concerned that if the value is marked too high it might encourage theft or cause other problems.
Minimum declared value  can be enabled to prevent the declared value from showing too low of a number.

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