Discontinued Products

Q: What products should be set as Discontinued?

A: Products that are no longer available from the vendor or products that you no longer want to order.

Products can be marked as Discontinued from the product’s Toolbox > Purchasing. Discontinued products cannot be added to Purchase Orders and will not display results in Predictive Purchasing.

On the inventory grid, discontinued products are displayed with a pink background.

When a product is marked as Discontinued, two things will happen in Sellercloud calculations:

  • We do not calculate the QtySold.
  • We show N/A for all QtySold fields
  • Do not allow to make product inactive or discontinued if has inventory – will prevent products with existing inventory in SellerCloud to be marked as discontinued.
  • Consider Kit parent Discontinued if Kit child is discontinued, in ManageInventory Grid – will show the kit parent in pink color if any of the kit children is discontinued.

Bulk Update

To set a product as discontinued use the column IsEndOfLife which takes values of True or False. If the column is not visible in the export, contact Sellercloud Support to enable it.

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