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eBay has a strong presence in countries outside the US with dedicated marketplaces operating with local currency. This step-by-step guide will walk you through the process of expanding to these markets, using the UK as an example.

Please note: If a Business Policy offers shipping to an international country, then products that are assigned the policy will be listed to that country’s eBay site.
  1. Navigate  Settings > Add a new Company.
  2. Complete the security set up.
  3. Select country code UK. (for example)
  4. Complete company profile and save.
  5. Open the toolbox and open eBay Settings > General Settings.
  6. Verify that the eBay Site is set to UK.
  7. Fetch a token (button at the bottom of the page)
  8. Do not enable Order Download if you are using unified account. Orders from the UK site will download into the regular US company.  If you are using separated integrations Order Download should be enabled.
  9. Open the toolbox and click eBay Settings > eBay Listing Defaults.
  10. Enter the same PayPal email address as the eBay US site.
  11. Contact SellerCloud Support (888-315-6652 or support@sellercloud.com) to download the latest eBay UK categories and shipping methods.
  12. Set eBay shipping templates and descriptions.
  13. Create shadows of products in US company for the UK company using the Import Shadows template. Inventory > Import Product Info > Import Shadows.
  14. Navigate Settings > Toolbox > International Marketplace Preferences to configure currency conversion and description translation. Read more about International Marketplace Preferences here.
  15. If the accounts are unified (you have the same login for all accounts) enable client setting Revise eBay inventory for each company. This will send inventory/price feeds for products in all companies.

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