eBay Listing Out of Stock

By default, listings that do not have quantity will be removed from eBay.
However, eBay introduced an Out of Stock feature. With this feature, Fixed Price with GTC listings with zero quantity will stays alive and can be listed as well.
When the item is out of stock, the listing will be hidden from search results until it gets back in stock. The listing can be viewed by searching with the listing ID or the eBay Item ID. There will be no Quantity to Add box as the customer will not be able to buy or pre-order the item until it’s back in stock.
Please Note: eBay will renew an GTC out of stock listing every 30 days for a maximum of 90 consecutive out of stock days. If the listing still does not have any quantity after 90 days, eBay will not renew the listing.
Activate eBay Out of Stock
The Out of Stock is a global setting in the Site Preferences on your My eBay portal. When that option is enabled, all of your listings will display as “Out of Stock” when qty is zero.
Below is an image of a Out of Stock listing.

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