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eBay has a dedicated site for vehicles and vehicle parts called eBay Motors (ebay.com/motors). A major functionally on this site is the ability for a customer to search for any part based on compatibility with a specific vehicle. For example, a customer can search for an alternator that is compatible with a 2005 Dodge Caravan. This is called parts compatibility, or fitments.
The seller adds the fitments to the listing when creating the listing on eBay. Because most buyers use Parts Compatibility when searching for a part, this feature is crucial to include your listing in the search results.
A second benefit of Parts Compatibility is that it enables sellers to create one listing for multiple compatible vehicles. This translates into huge savings on insertion fees and saves time spent on creating separate listings for each compatible vehicle individually.
Please note: you do not need separate eBay US and eBay Motors accounts. One account gives you access to both sites.

There are several ways you can configure SellerCloud to manage your eBay Motors listings:

  1. Add the eBay Motors Company to the SellerCloud eBay US company and post products to the eBay Motors company. If you are only selling on eBay Motors, you can set up the company for eBay Motors only.
    • Products configured for eBay Motors will have a Part compatibility option. However, they will not have eBay US category selections. If you’d like to post the product also on eBay US, use the shadow feature to profile one for US and one for Motors.
  2. Add eBay Motors categories to eBay US products.
    • eBay US products can have both US and Motors categories added to them. However, you will not be able to add Parts Compatibility.

Add eBay Motors to eBay US Company

  1. On the eBay Settings page, check the “Enable Advanced Settings” option.
  2. When the page refreshes, copy the Auth Token.
  3. From the eBay Site dropdown, select eBay Motors.
  4. Paste the Auth Token into the eBay Motors Auth Token Field.
  5. Save settings.

Configure Products for Listing on eBay Motors

As mentioned above, products configured for eBay Motors will not have eBay US category selections. If you’d like to post the product also on eBay US, use the shadow feature to profile one for US and one for Motors.
  1. Open the eBay properties page of a product.
  2. In the eBay site code field, make sure that “eBay Motors” is selected.
  3. Click on eBay Category. The category selection will display all categories associated with eBay Motors. Select a category. Read more about eBay Categories here.
  4. Click on Items Specifics. The items specific will have all attributes related to the eBay category you selected. These are the default item specifics provided by eBay, but you can also add more specifics by clicking on the Custom Specific radio button and adding the additional items specifics there. Read more about eBay Item Specifics here.
  5. Click on Parts Compatibility. The vehicle details entered here will enable a customer to know that your product is compatible for their vehicle.
  6. Enter a year, make, and model for which the part is compatible. These three fields are required for parts compatibility. You can also add the trim, which refers to the Body + the Submodel + the Number of Doors. For example, a Limited Sport Utility 4-Door.
  7. If there is a specific engine type compatibility, you can select that here. Add any additional notes for the customer to see.
  8. Now save the fitment to the grid.
  9. Repeat the process to add as many compatible vehicles as desired. If there is a range of years compatible for this part, just enter the the first and last years separated by a dash and the system will generate a separate fitment row for each year.
  10. On the eBay Properties page, the number of compatible vehicles will display in the Parts Compatibility tab.
  11. When the listing posts, it will display all compatible vehicles in the description.
    • Use the placeholder #?PartsCompatibilityGrid?# to display the compatibility chart in the description template.
  12. When the product is ready, list to eBay from the Action Menu.

Import Fitments in Bulk

  1. In the Inventory Menu, click Import Product Info.
  2. Click Import eBay Parts Compatibility List.
  3. Download the template and enter the compatibility data next to the product ID.
  4. Save the file.
  5. Go back to the Import eBay Parts Compatibility List page.
  6. Choose the file and click the Import Parts Compatibility Data button.

Add eBay Motors categories to eBay US products

As mentioned above, eBay US products can have both US and Motors categories added to them. However, you will not be able to add Parts Compatibility.
  1. With this option, you do not add the token to eBay Motors profile.
  2. On the eBay Properties page press Select next to eBay Category 2. (Category 1 will be used for eBay US).
  3. On the pop-up page check the option Use eBay Motors Category.
  4. Select a category and  press Done.
  5. List the product and it will be categorized in both eBay US company (based on Category 1) and in eBay Motors .

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