eBay Orders Overview

Automate eBay Order Download and Tracking Upload

  1. Navigate eBay Settings. These settings are per-company based.
  2. Enable setting Enable Order Download. Orders download approximately every 30 minutes.
  3. Enable setting Enable Fulfillment Upload. Tracking and Ship Date will be automatically sent to update the order status on eBay.

Cancel an eBay Order

  1. Open the order detail page and and select Cancel Order on eBay. Press Go.
  2. On the following page, select a cancellation reason. Press Continue.
  3. eBay will refund the customer, and refund the seller all transactions fees.
Customer Initiated Cancel
eBay orders that are canceled on eBay after a customer opens a dispute will be cancelled or put on hold in SellerCloud, depending on the cancelled status in eBay.
    • CANCEL_PENDING – On Hold

Refund an eBay Order

Refunding an eBay order is a two step process: Opening a dispute to get a commission refund, and refunding the order.
  1. On the Order Detail page, open Action Menu and select Open/Manage Dispute.
  2. Select “Buyer and I have agreed not to complete the transaction”. Another dropdown will display.
  3. Select “Buyer has returned or will return the item for a refund”.
  4. Press open dispute. When the dispute is settled, eBay will refund the commission to you.
  5. Adjust the commission amount on the order by clicking on the commission value in the P&L tab and editing the amount to zero in the pop up window.
  6. Adjust the transaction fee amount on the order by clicking on the fee value in the P&L tab and editing the amount to zero in the pop up window.
  7. On Order Detail page open Action Menu and select Refund  Payment.
  8. The regular Manage Payments page opens, where you will need to select a refund method. The refund method must match the payment method.
  9. Enter a refund amount and click Submit.
  10. When the payment was made through PayPal, a refund will likewise be generated through PayPal.
  11. If you are issuing a partial, or even full, refund but still plan to ship the item, you need to check the Add the Refund as a Discount to the Order checkbox. This is because, for non-wholesale customers,  you are unable to ship without full payment being received.

Unpaid eBay Orders

Sometime eBay orders download without payment. This may be due to a number of reasons:
  1. Seller does not require immediate payment, and the buyer did not pay yet.
  2. The payment record comes from the payment gateway, like PayPal, rather than from eBay. While Typically, SellerCloud will instantly bring in the payment using the matching transaction ID, sometime this process is delayed for various reasons.
  • Unpaid eBay orders will download without the Ship To address. This is because SellerCloud uses the finalized address from the payment record, rather than what is supplied by eBay. When the payment record is pulled in, the “Ship To” address will update.
  • Unpaid eBay orders will reserve inventory. If the buyer does not pay and the order is cancelled on eBay, SellerCloud will retrieve the order status and mark the order as Cancelled, thereby releasing the reserve.
  • When the buyer pays, SellerCloud will automatically retrieve the updated information from PayPal and mark the order as paid. Use the action Refresh Payment Status from PayPal to manually poll PayPal payments.

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