eBay Product Identifiers

For many product categories, eBay requires sellers to include product identifiers. The identifiers are:

  1. Brand
  2. MPN
  3. GTIN – e.g. UPC. EAN, ISBN
Read more about product identifier requirements here.

Sending Product Identifiers

The UPC set on the product home page will be sent to eBay when listing the product. If the item does not have a UPC, a value of “Does Not Apply” will be sent, which is also valid for eBay. eBay will then place the UPC into the item specifics on the eBay listing.

The Brand and Manufacturer SKU (MPN) should be set as item specifics on the eBay properties page when listing the item, in order to satisfy eBay’s requirements. Even if those values have been set on the product home page, they will not be mapped, by default, to the item specifics on the eBay properties page. However, you can use the eBay Global Item Specs page to map those fields and send them as items specifics.
To update products that are already listed, use the action Revise All Listings on the eBay Properties page. If the product identifiers are set as items specifics, you can use the action Revise Items Specifics. These actions can be done to bulk update the product from the manage inventory page when in eBay Mode.

Hide the MPN from eBay

Some categories do not require MPN to be sent to eBay (for example jewels). However, if you have MPN entered in the product properties, it will be automatically sent to the channel, even if you are using another product identifier (as the UPC). You can disable sending the MPN in the product eBay properties or by updating the column MPNSendToEbay in bulk.


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