eBay Promotions

Please Note: The Windows Service eBayPromotionServices must be configured on your server for eBay Promotions. Please check with SellerCloud Support before you post promotions.
Please Note: Automatic Pricing Updates will interfere with the promotion. To maintain a promotion, the eBay Pricing control must be turned off.

Sellercloud connects to eBay’s Markdown Manager tool to enables sellers to generate a sales promotion for a group of items from with Sellercloud. The promotion can be a price discount, an offer for free shipping, or discount and free shipping.

  • Please Note: Sellers must be qualified to post discounted items. Please contact eBay to enable sales promotions on your account.
  • Please be aware of the eBay Markdown Manager rules inserted below in the instructions. Click here for a complete list of rules and more info about eBay promotions.

eBay promotions are applied to a selected product group. Read more about Product Groups here.

To create an eBay Promotion:

  1. Navigate Company Settings > eBay Settings > eBay Promotions
  2. Click Add New Promotion.
  3. Complete the promotion profile.
    • Promotion Name
    • eBay Site – US or eBay Motors
    • Promotion Date rangeThere are minimum and maximum duration’s for price sales. A fixed price sale can be 1 to 45 days.
    • Sale Type – Price discount, free shipping, or discount and free shipping. Free shipping sales on auction-style listings have no end dates. Sales on auction-style listings are valid until the listing ends.
    • Discount – Percent of BIN price of Fixed Price markdown (i.e. “5” will reduce all product in promotion by $5.) Items can be discounted 5% to 75%
    • Product Group – Select  the product group.
  4. Select Revise Promotion on eBay from the Action Menu and click GO. Each product in the group’s price will be revised and updated as the BIN price for the duration of the promotion.
  5. From the Action Menu, select View Activity Log and GO to see success and failure notifications as well as uploaded promotion documents.

Import eBay Promotions

eBay promotions can be added to a single or multiple groups in bulk with a file import. Use the sample template on the eBay Promotions page. Populate the column as explained above and import.

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