ePID Ebay product identifier

eBay’s global reference ID for a catalog product. On the eBay website, this is known as the “ePID”. This is similar to the ASIN used by Amazon. It is one of the ways for eBay to identify products and can be used instead of other identifiers as the UPC.

Update EPID on a product

  1. Navigate to your product eBay properties and set the catalog type to ProductReferenceID
  2. By clicking on the “find” link you can enter keywords that will help you find the right ePID for your product. This is very helpful if you do not know the UPC of the item. If you know the ePID for your product you can enter it in the Product Reference ID field and use the “check” link to make sure it is the correct one.

Bulk Updating EPID

To bulk update the EPID on multiple products you need to use two column headers. You can use the Custom Export option from the Action menu to export them. They are also marked as Advanced Columns, so the checkbox on top needs to be enabled.

  • eBayCatalogEntryType – This is the product catalog type. It needs to be set to ProductReferenceID in order to use the EPID as catalog identifier. For example when using UPC as product identifier this column needs to be set to UPC.
    Enter as value for this column (5 stands for EPID, while 1 stands for UPC)
  • eBayCatalogEntryValue – This is the Product Identifier column. Enter your EPID number here.

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