eBay Categories

There are several ways to select an eBay category for your product:

  1. You can manually enter a known category ID number in the eBay Category field.
  2. Click on the Select link next to the eBay category field. A search window will open. You then have two options:
      • Browse through the categories and sub-categories until you determine the correct category. Click Done and the category will be enter into the field.
      • You can also click on the Search Categories button and enter a keyword. Click Find Categories, and select from the offered results. Click Use Selected Category and the category will be enter into the field
  3. A third option is to add the category through the Manage Inventory page. Open the Advanced Search tab and select eBay in the Mode field. Click Search and the grid will display products with their eBay attributes. Depending on what you want to accomplish, you have the following two options:
      • Select products to which you want to add or revise categories, and click Bulk Edit on the Action Menu. Now you can add or revise categories for all selected products. However, only one category can be added to the selected products.
      • To add different categories to multiple items, and get suggested categories, select the products in the eBay mode. Now open the Action menu and click Export Channel Category Suggestions. A job will be scheduled to generate an excel file. When the job is finished open the file. The file may contain several suggested categories, with a category ID in one column, followed by its full name in the succeeding column. Delete all undesired suggestions, while leaving the Product ID’s and their selected respective categories. Now change the column header to eBayCategory1 (and eBayCategory2 if you have two categories for this product). Save the file. Now import the file through a bulk update.

Although eBay will often change classifications of categories, SellerCloud can use eBay’s API to automatically switch the product to the appropriate current category. This option can be enabled in the client settings by checking Auto select new category if old category doesn’t exists anymore.

eBay Store Categories

Your Store Categories can be set up within your eBay account, and then imported into SellerCloud to be applied per product.

  • To import your Store Categories, go to Settings > company > Toolbox > eBay > Store Categories. Here you can view them, or click “Re-download All Store Categories” to import an updated list.
  • To update them on your products, use column headers ” StoreCategory1″ and “StoreCategory2”. You can enter either the numeric ID of the category or the text name exactly as set in your eBay account.

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