Email Templates

Understanding email templates

Email templates can be used for standardized emails that can be sent manually or automatically based on certain events that trigger the emails to be sent. You can also test out the email templates from the action menu on that page.
Email template are configured under Company Settings > Email Settings > Email Templates.
A template can be edited using the WYSIWYG editor and can include images and fonts as an HTML email. Placeholders can be set in the template to be replaced with information from the recipient or related order etc. Common placeholders are:
  •  #?FirstName?#
  • #?LastName?#
  • #?ShippingAddressHtml?#
  • #?OrderNumber?#
  • #?OrderItemsDetails?#
  • #?TrackingURL?#
A directory of valid placeholders can be found here.
Images can be added to the Template using the Image Editor on the tool bar.
  • In the sub-pages below are sample templates for various tasks.
  • From the SMTP Profile dropdown on each template, you can select from which email account you want the email to be sent through. Read more about SMTP here.

Assigning a template

This section only applies to Sellercloud’s original interface. Email template assignments do not apply to the Delta interface.

Sellercloud can either send emails automatically or they can be triggered by a user’s action. After creating one these email templates, you can assign it to a particular event or trigger.

In some cases, you also must enable a Client Setting before one of these emails can be sent. Refer to the respective email templates below.

To assign a template after creating it:

  1. Open your Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox > Email SettingsEmail Template Assignment.
  3. Select your desired template(s), as listed below. You can also click Action MenuTest Templates, if desired.
  4. Click Update Grid.

Assigning an email template per channel

Sellercloud also lets you assign email templates to channels as well. With this helpful feature, you can organize your templates according to your channel needs.
Enable Email Templates Per Channel must be checked in the Client Settings.
To assign a template per channel:
  1. Open your Company Settings.
  2. Click Toolbox > Email Settings > Email Templates Per Channel.
  3. Select the Email Type, Channel, and Template from the drop down menu.
  4. Click Add to Email Template Per Channel.

Amazon templates

[accordions id=’9530′]

[accordions id=’9532′]

[accordions id=’9549′]

[accordions id=’9554′]

[accordions id=’9556′]

[accordions id=’9565′]

eBay templates

[accordions id=’9567′]

[accordions id=’9569′]

[accordions id=’9570′]

[accordions id=’9571′]

[accordions id=’9572′]

[accordions id=’9573′]

[accordions id=’9576′]

Inventory templates

[accordions id=’9574′]

[accordions id=’9575′]

[accordions id=’9578′]

[accordions id=’9566′]

Order templates

[accordions id=’9527′]

[accordions id=’9529′]

[accordions id=’9531′]

[accordions id=’9533′]

[accordions id=’9534′]

[accordions id=’9535′]

[accordions id=’9536′]

[accordions id=’9537′]

[accordions id=’9538′]

[accordions id=’9539′]

[accordions id=’9540′]

[accordions id=’9541′]

[accordions id=’9542′]

[accordions id=’9543′]

[accordions id=’9550′]

[accordions id=’9551′]

Proxy templates

[accordions id=’9544′]

Purchase order templates

[accordions id=’9552′]

[accordions id=’9553′]

[accordions id=’9555′]

[accordions id=’9557′]

Queued job and task templates

[accordions id=’9558′]

[accordions id=’9559′]

[accordions id=’9560′]

[accordions id=’9562′]

[accordions id=’9563′]

RMA templates

[accordions id=’9579′]

[accordions id=’9582′]


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