Enabling USPS Rate Calculations & Address Validation

Enabling rate calculations through USPS Web Tools is easy  and can be enabled in a few short steps. If you have signed up with Endicia ELS, you can also get rates and address validation through ELS as well.

  1. Go to https://registration.shippingapis.com/
  2. Fill out all required information and click Submit.
    You will see the following message:
  3. Once you receive the email from the USPS you can respond to icustomercare@usps.com to notify them that testing has been completed. Remember to include your                                  Web Tools ID and password.
  4. Enter the new USPS Web Tools ID into the appropriate field on the Shipping Rate API page in your SellerCloud account.
  5. Test the USPS Web Tools ID via the action menu


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