Endicia API (ELS)

There are 2 types of Endicia ELS (Endicia Label Server) accounts.
  • Basic: Allows printing of all service type labels but does NOT support End-of-Day scan form printing
  • Advanced: Allows printing of all service type labels and DOES support  End-of-Day form printing
Signing up for Endicia’s Label Server (aka ELS) using this link  – http://www.endicia.com/labelserver/login.cfm?partid=lsll  – will automatically link your Endicia account to our Endicia service provider account and help to expedite support on customer service calls.

If you sign up for an Endicia account via ShipBridge,  you will be able to receive special pricing.

If registering for a new Endicia account through ShipBridge, there is an option to utilize SellerCloud’s Discounted Rates (instructions available here). The discount available through this program increases as more users enroll. Existing Endicia accounts cannot be added to the program. It cannot be used in conjunction with other negotiated or discounted rates.
ELS account holders who generate high volume priority shipments (approx. 5k/mo) should expect to have their monthly fees waived.

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