Exporting Orders Overview

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Exporting orders

Exporting orders from your Sellercloud account into files is helpful for duplicating records or keeping physical records. Orders can be exported to multiple file types, including Excel and PDF. While there are standard order exports and formats, additional exports can be customized through order export plugins. Read more about customized exports.

To export orders to Excel, Text or CSV:

  1. Select Orders > Manage Orders > Select orders > Action menu > Export Orders.
  2. Select Format > General > Select File Type.
  3. Check the Mark as Exported, if desired. This option is typically used when you need to track which orders were exported.
  4. Click Export Orders to enter the export into the job queue.
  5. Once complete, access the queued job. Click Download Output File.

    Orders can be exported to customized formats with customized column headers using the Export Order Mapping tool.  

Exporting orders to PDF

  1. Select orders from the Manage Orders grid.
  2. Use the action menu > Export > Adobe PDF
  3. The export will enter the job queue.
  4. Click Download Output File.


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