FedEx ShipManager Setup

  1. Download ShipManager from
  2. Customize > System Settings > Modify. Newer versions may not have this option. In that case the customer will need to contact their FedEx rep to have have their Passport settings enabled.
  3. Click FedEx Express Admin tab, enter password
  4. In the top right of the form there is a region called ‘Passport Settings’
  5. Check the Batch and Automatic Passport Listening checkboxes. Automatic listening option is under Customize > System Settings-> FedEx Express admin tab
  6. Now you will see Passport in header menu, and it will bring you to a form where you can set listing folder etc. If you don’t see the passport tab you will need to contact Fedex and have that enabled on your account.
  7. In ShipBridge, navigate FedEx and check “Use FedEx Ship Manger”.
  8. Enter your Your FedEx account.
  9. Press Test Settings.

See attached file – – as an example of a good input file.
PDF documentation for Fedex Shipmanager can be found at:


Override Default Sender Name and Address can be used when shipping orders from multiple companies. The label will print with the sender information based on the order’s company.
Override Label Format can be used to control which label format is used by FedEx ShipManager. For example, the standard label shows a summary of charges in the top corner, but there are other formats that hide the fee information.


Note: Field references: page 250 in the FedEx manual charts all field refs


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