Getting a ASIN

Aside from manually entering an ASIN on the Amazon Properties page (Individually or through bulk upload), SellerCloud has several tools/actions to pull an ASIN directly from Amazon.

  1. Find ASIN on Amazon Properties page (Action Menu) – searches Amazon and return listings based on matching keywords. The listings will display in a window from which you can choose the appropriate listing. Clicking on an ASIN will open the actual Amazon listing.
  2. Find ASIN on Manage Inventory page (Action Menu) – will search Amazon based on UPC and MPN (Manufacturer SKU) separately, and Brand and MPN combined. The results will not be applied to the product automatically. Rather, the results will be loaded into Find ASIN Results page for your review and selection.
    1. Navigate Inventory > Find ASIN Results.
    2. The Grid will display the ProductID, Amazon Merchant SKU, The keyword search type used (UPC, MPN, Brand and MPN), the actual keyword used, and the matching ASIN.
    3. After review, check the row with the desired ASIN, open the action menu and select Use ASIN. Press GO.
    4. You can delete the rest of the ASINs from the Action Menu as well.
  3. Get ASIN from UPC on Manage Inventory page (Action Menu) – automatically selects ASINs based on matching UPCs. Please note that UPCs are not always accurate on Amazon. Sometime a listing may have several UPCs. This can result in pulling in the wrong ASIN and posting your product to the wrong listing.
  4. Find ASIN from UPC on Inventory menu – Upload a file containing single column of UPCs and SellerCloud will search for matching ASINs and title.

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