Getting Info from eBay

The Get Info From eBay function is used if you have product(s) listed on eBay with the information show in Step 2 below, but this product info is not in Sellercloud yet.

The Get Info From eBay option only appears in the Manage Inventory page’s Action Menu after using the Advanced Search’s Mode filter and choosing eBay > Search.
  1. On the Manage Inventory page, click Action Menu > Get info from eBay. A queued job is scheduled.
  2. When the job is completed, information is pulled from eBay for the product as follows:
  • Assigns a UPC (if missing)
  • Seller profiles (payment, shipping, return)
  • Manufacturer SKU
  • Brand
  • Store categories
  • eBay Item Condition
  • Reserve Price, Buy It Now Price, Store Buy It Now Price, Start Price
  • Get it Fast, Best Offer, eBay Categories (if missing)
  • Downloads images
  • Top Title
  • Shipping Details
  • Long Description (if missing)
  • Item Specifics
  • Variation details, if available
If the product does not exist in Sellercloud, the Get info from eBay action will create a new product.

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