Importing Bulk Product Information

Check out this short tutorial showing the many easy ways you can import product info into Sellercloud’s Delta interface!

Exploring import product information

In Sellercloud, you can import various types of information about your product from pictures to prices. This can be info specific to the product or the channel you sell it on. These many functions can be done through template files such as excel, .csv, and .txt. You can create template files and save them for future use. Some examples of available functions are:

Sellercloud’s integration with multiple channels also allows you to:

  • Import eBay Specifics
  • Import eBay Auctions
  • Import eBay Parts Compatibility
  • Import Walmart Marketplace Attributes
  • Import Attributes
  • Import International Prices
  • Import Amazon Attributes
  • Import Amazon Hazardous Attributes

These are just a few examples of the many functions available for you in Sellercloud. Watch the video displayed above for a visual overview of some of these functions.


Accessing this function

Sellercloud can import individual or multiple products or product information across channels from one interface. To access this function use:

  1. Catalog > Tools > Import Product Info
  2. Use the Import Data window to choose your task. You can scroll or type in the search engine.
    sellercloud import product info

Sellercloud can import product kits, shadows, prices, and much more. You can also import your inventory directly from the channels you sell on such as eBay, Amazon, Overstock, etc.


Importing individual or multiple products

Importing individual products can be done via Bulk Update Products, and the minimum information needed to create a product is the SKU and ProductName.

  1. Click Generate Template. You can choose a saved template or create a new one.
  2. To make a new one, select your format. Sellercloud supports excel, .csv, and .txt.
  3. Add your columns. You can choose to save your template for later use.
  4. Complete the template and upload it to Bulk Product Update.
    Sellercloud bulk product update
  1. You can check the status of the queued job by clicking on the notification that appears.


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