Inventory Import Mapping Tool

The inventory import mapping tool enables you to map a file that contains inventory quantities of products. The mapping allows you to import excel files that are not formatted with the format of a SellerCloud inventory file.

Using the mapping tool, you can update the following product attributes:


  1. Physical Inventory Qty
  2. Vendor SKU
  3. Site Cost
Please Note:  By default, the inventory import works with inventory ranges . That means the exact inventory will not be that on the product. Rather it will set the inventory to the lowest value withing the range. For example – one range is 10 – 20. If the product’s inventory on the file is 17, the quantity will be set to 10. If you would like to update exact quantity see setting below in step 8.
Configuring the Inventory Import Mapping
  1. Navigate Settings > Import Mapping Tool.
  2. Select “Inventory” as the Import Type.
  3. Name the Profile.
  4. If there are rows in the file that need to be skipped, enter the amount of rows starting from the top.
  5. Select the warehouse in which you are updating the inventory.
  6. If applicable, enter a floor qty under which it is considered to be zero.
  7. Consider Qty below as Zero – All products with quantity below the specified will be considered as zero quantity.
  8. Import static inventory upto: Imports static inventory up to a certain value with exact quantities and then continues with ranges for inventory over this value.
  9. Choose the file template to import from your PC .
  10. Check “File contains headers” if that is the case.
  11. Click Save Profile.
  12. Now map the SellerCloud columns to the columns on the file.
  13. If you want to enter static info, select “Use Custom Value” then enter the vale in the Custom Value field.
  14. Save the mapping.
Using the Inventory Import Mapping
  1. Navigate Inventory > Import Product Info.
  2. Select Import Profile from the Select Plugin dropdown.
  3. Select the inventory file and import.
Automating the import can be done through a scheduled task with Type  “Inventory Import”.

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