Invoice Tab Overview

The invoice tab is where you configure your your invoice/packing slip options when printing packing slips from ShipBridge.

Configure Invoice Type

  1. Select what type/format of invoice you will be printing:
    • 4 x 6 portrait orientation printed from a thermal printer, formatting determined from settings in ShipBridge.
    • 4 x 6 landscape orientation printed from a thermal printer, formatting determined from settings in ShipBridge.
    • Letter sized PDF printer from a Laser/InkJet Printer, formatting determined from settings in the SellerCloud website, more information here.
      Note: A sub-setting “Printer is thermal (4X6)” will allow the invoice configuration options from SellerCloud to print on a thermal label.
    • Half Label/Half Invoice – See below the option to print a half label/half invoice PDF from a laser printer, more information here.
  2. Select the invoice printer and test print. Make sure your printer conforms to the invoice type selected above. The printer for invoices can be different than the shipping label printer, or it can be the same. For example, it can be set to the label paper so that shipping labels and invoices will print consecutively; coming out of the printer 2 by 2.

Configure Invoice Options

  1. Do NOT print invoices – Skips printing invoice automatically after the shipping label prints. The invoice can still be printed manually by selecting orders and pressing the Preprint Invoices button. Some companies use this setting and preprint all the invoices and use them to pick the orders. Read here about SellerCloud’s picklist functionality.
  2. Invoice exceptions – Set up rules to skip auto printing invoices under certain conditions. Read how to set it up here.
  3. Print 2 invoice copies when shipping orders – simply prints a 2nd copy of the invoice. Some companies use this setting if they are going to file a hard copy of the invoice.
  4. Use queue: invoices per chunk – can be used when printing a series of invoices together. Instead of each invoice PDF being downloaded and sent to the printer individually, then can be downloaded in groups and sent to the printer as one job. The count refers to the maximum number of invoices per group.
  5. Print API label/invoice on half page – Checking this option will enable a configuration to print a label and invoice on a letter-sized paper side-by-side.  You can find more info here .


When using the 4″x6″ invoice, you can configure settings whether to include the a gift line, location notes, shipping service etc. When the 8.5″X11″ invoice is used, the details regarding what displays on the invoice are set in your SellerCloud portal, by clicking the Edit Invoice Preferences link in the top right corner of the Invoice tab.

    • Print quantity in a larger font size if items > 1 is used to help remind the shipper that the order contains more than one item. Similarly, it prints an R for rush orders, G for gift orders and GW to identify gift wrap.
    • Print product names in multi-line if necessary (don’t trim) can reduce the length of the invoice, since some companies prefer that the invoice is always one page even if it means that the product name is truncated. Similarly, there is an option whether to print kit components on the invoice.
    • Print barcode on invoice – select to use the SellerCloud OrderID or the OrderSourceOrderId.

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