Link an Order to a PO

Let’s say an order came in for a product that is out of stock. You may be able to dropship the item from the vendor, or you can link the order to a purchase order. When linking an order to a PO the vendor sends the item back to you to ship out. Linking the order to a purchase order will prevent the order from exporting into ShipBridge until the PO is received.

You can link single line items of an order to a PO.

Client setting Enable Linking Order to PO must be enabled.

  1. Navigate to the Order Detail Page or select the order(s) on the Manage Orders page.
  2. Select Link to PO on Action Menu.
  3. Select the item(s) you want to add to a single PO, and enter the quantity to add. You cannot choose an item if it is already added to a PO, and you can choose to add to an existing PO, or create a new PO.
  4. Create new PO or add to existing PO.
  5. The Order# will be referenced in the PO’s description field. The order will get a “Dropship Requested” status until the PO is received, so the product’s inventory will be reflected as such. Read about inventory calculations for drop ship here.
  6. The PO link will appear on the order detail page on each line item linked to a PO.
  7. When the PO is received, the order automatically goes back to Dropship None, allowing it to appear in ShipBridge and be shipped. However, if one order is linked to multiple POs, only when the last PO is received will it go back to Dropship None.
  8. Setting the order to Dropship: None while the PO is not yet received will remove the products from the PO.
  9. When linking kits to PO app setting:EnableOrderLinkToPOAtKitLevel controls if the kit parent will be showing on the PO or the components.

Related Client Settings:

  • Enable Linking Order to PO – required for the whole workflow.
  • Auto update PO when Product ID in Order Changed -checks for any updates on the ProductID and updates on the PO
  • Mark dropship PO as received only when dropship acknowledged
  • Breakup kit components when creating dropship PO
  • Delete related PO when Order Dropship set to None
  • Enable Dropship Fee


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