Magento Attributes Mapping

After selecting an attribute set on the Magento Properties page, attribute fields of that set (that have been created in Magento) will display below the regular SellerCloud fields. These fields can be populated with values to update Magento listings.

In many cases it may be more efficient to use the Magento Attributes Mapping page to map any Sellercloud field to Magento attributes. Once the two fields are mapped, values that are populated in the SellerCloud fields will update the corresponding Magento Attribute.

  1. Navigate Company Settings > Toolbox > Magento Settings > Attributes Mapping.
  2. Select an attribute set from the drop down. Mapping must be done separately for each Magento attribute set. (Attribute mapping that was configured prior to SellerCloud’s revamp of Magento Attribute sets were saved and can be located under the Default Attribute set selection.)
  3. Select the table where the SellerCloud field is located. Most standard fields are located under the bvc_Product table, but channel related fields are stored in their respective channel tables. Custom Columns are stored in the User_Defined table. Images can be mapped by selecting the image table.
  4. Locate the SellerCloud field and enter the Magento attribute in the text field next to it. The Magento attribute code name, not the display name, need to be entered.
  5. Save settings.
  6. When updating a product, SellerCloud will first look at the Magento attribute fields on the Magento Properties page. If the field has a value it will update the product with that value. If there is no value it will then look at the attributes mapping.

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