Magento Orders Overview

Magento orders will download automatically into SellerCloud.
  • Read here about Magento order status.
  • Bundled Items (Magento kits) will download with only the kit components on the order.
  • Magento orders will download with gift messages placed on the order.  Invoices can be set to print out with gift messages.
  • Magento Coupon codes/Promo codes will download with the order. The code will be visible on the order notes. The code will also be entered into the database for use with customized exports.

Cancel Magento Order

Magento orders can be canceled using the action Cancel Order on the order detail page action menu.

Refund Magento Orders

Use the action Issue Refund on the order detail page action menu.

Please Note: Offline payments can not be refunded. There are some instances where Magento does not allow for refunding.

Magento Pending Orders

This feature can help you to prevent overselling on Magento. Since the orders are being sent to SellerCloud after they are authorized by Magento, there might be a slight delay between the customer ordering and the creation of the order in our platform. If you enable the Client Setting

Magento: Enable Pending Orders – SellerCloud will reserve the quantities for the order before it actually gets created.

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