Max Quantity per Package

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Check out this short tour on setting an item’s maximum quantity per shipping package in Sellercloud’s original interface.

This configuration enables you to set how many items are allowed in a shipping package, and therefore, how many shipping packages will be generated for the order.

Setting max quantity per package for a SKU

  1. Access Catalog > Manage Catalog. Choose your product.
  2. Toolbox > Shipping Preferences. Click Edit.
  3. Enable the Max Qty per Package setting.
    sellercloud shipping preferences packaging window
  4. Enter the maximum quantity per package value > Save. For example, set SKU “ABC” to a max quantity of 1. When an order comes in for “ABC” with a quantity of 3, three shipping packages will be generated.
You can easily bulk-update multiple products as follows:

1) Use the column header MaxQtyPerShippingPackageEnabled (set to TRUE) to enable that setting in those products.

2) Use the column header MaxQtyPerShippingPackage and set it to the desired quantity value for those products.


Setting max quantity per package for a kit

In addition to the Max Qty per Box, kits have another package configuration, Number of Packages. This lets you set the number of packages needed for shipping this kit and assign the components to a package.

Independent kits cannot be split into multiple packages to ship. This option only works for All Component and Main Component kits.

For example, if Kit “123” comprises 2 components, you can create 2 packages and assign one component to the main package and the other component to Package # 2. When an order comes in for Kit “123,” two packages will be generated.

However, this setting only generates packages according to the SKU, regardless of the order quantity of each SKU. Meaning, if two of Kit “123” were ordered, the package quantity would still be 2, with both quantities of one component in one package and the other two items in the second package. To set a separate packages for each individual unit (as in our example):

  1. Access Manage Catalog and choose your kit.
  2. Toolbox > Shipping Preferences.
  3. Click Edit. Go to the window Packages. To add a package, click the plus icon.
    sellercloud kit shipping preferences packages window
  4. Plug in the package weight and dimensions. You can delete a package using the trashcan icon.
  5. Go to Packaging. Enable and choose your Max Qty Per Package.
  6. Click the checkmark > Save.


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