NewEgg API Integration

In 2014, NewEgg introduced an API integration. This is the recommended method of integration, as it allows you to create listings directly form SellerCloud and it is quicker and more accurate as well. Clients who wish to use the earlier FTP integration can do so. Read about integrating via FTP here.

  1. Email and request an API Secret Key for integration with SellerCloud. It is imperative to specify that you are integrating using SellerCloud, otherwise they will provide incorrect credentials. Include your NewEgg Store Name and NewEgg Portal email address.
  2. Navigate > Settings > Company Settings >Toolbox >NewEgg > General Settings.
  3. Check Enable API.
  4. Place secret key into API Secret Key field.
  5. Test credentials from Action Menu.
  6. Complete default settings as desired and enable NewEgg. Save Settings.
  7. Enable download and upload options when you are certain your inventory is prepared for listing.

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