Newegg Properties

The Newegg Properties is where the product attributes can be set for Newegg listings so they be posted to Newegg. Inventory settings for Newegg can be configured here as well.
The required attributes for posting to Newegg are noted with a red asterisk. Hovering your mouse over the Red X will reveal an “Required Attributes Missing” message.

Updating Newegg Properties in Bulk

Multiple products can be edited and made ready for Newegg in bulk through the Bulk Update Products page. Using the Missing Channel Attributes export, a template can be generated with all column headers required for Newegg.


Matrix SKU Requirements by

When posting a matrix to there are some limitations for the length of the NewEggMerchantSKU (ProductID in SellerCloud). A matrix parent is limited to 20 characters, while the children can have up to 40 characters (including blank spaces). Enabled  Products that are not Newegg enabled will be considered, for Newegg, to have a qty of zero.
SKU  Newegg Merchant SKU. Can be edited to map dissimilar SKUs if necessary is different. Enable client setting Enable Merchant SKU. Product Name  Defaults to Product Name. Limit 200 characters. (If necessary, enable client setting Trim product title if exceeds in length) Item#  Used for joining a specific existing listing. If no item number is provided, Newegg may include the product under a listing of its choice based on product information.
 Checkout MAP  When Checkout MAP is enabled, Newegg will ask customer to add item to shopping cart AND go to checkout page to see the item’s price. This is  regardless of whether MAP has been set on the product.
Item Condition New
UsedGoodPlease note: Client may need approval to list to the Used categories.
Please note: Newegg CA only accepts New and Refurbished.
Manufacturer  Please note: The manufacturer on the product you post must be configured in your Newegg portal. On your Newegg portal, go to the navigation menu and  navigate  Manage Items > Manufacturer. Add the manufacturer.


  •  Please note: the manufacturer must be approved by Newegg  and the spelling must match. You can download a list of approved manufacturers from that page on  Newegg.
Manufacturer SKU (located on the  Product Summary page)  The Manufacturer Model #. Limit to 20 characters.
 Site Price
  MSRP/List Price  If the MSRP is greater than the Newegg price, both prices will display with a strike though the MSRP.
Max Qty To enable the Max Qty click on the checkbox. When using Max Qty you can specify the maximum units sent to the channel. Default value for the company can be set on the Newegg company settings.
Price  Newegg Price. Can be enabled to use site price by checking Use Default next to the price.
  Inventory Qty  The  available qty and the available for Newegg – Considers safety qty, default qty, enabled for Newegg, custom calc, etc..
  Safety Qty  Helps reduce the risk of overselling by subtracting a set number of units from the available quantity.
  Default Qty  Enable default qty to set a max quantity to send to Newegg
Shipping Option
  •  Default – the item will charge shipping based on how Newegg charges shipping for the item.
  •  Free – the item will not charge shipping for the item’s default shipping method.
 Shipping Weight and Dimensions  The package size and dimensions located on the Product Home page
Package Type  Retail – Default
Packs or Sets  Products with same UPC or manufacturer part number may have quantities packed for shipping. Package Count is an integer that identifies the amount of units that  will be shipped.
Industry Name/Sub Category  Newegg Category and Subcategory. Read more about Newegg categories here. After a category has been selected, a Configure Attributes link will display for additional attribute configurations. These are not required, except for variation listings.
 Volume Discounts  3-tier calculation for price adjustment based on the quantity of that product in an order. Read more here.
Description  Use either Long or Short Description on Product home page.
  • 640 pixels width and 480 pixels height.
  • The maximum file size for each image will be 5MB. All images larger than the 5MB limit will fail to process.


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