Posting an n-Matrix to Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce supports variation listings using a Bigcommerce configuration called an Option Set.

First, create options like Size and Color. Then, create an Option Set and add those options to it. Option Set rules can be set, like price variations and interface configurations.
Please note that you can not have the same SKU listed individually and also listed as part of an Option Set.

Follow the steps below to post a variation listing to Bigcommerce from SellerCloud:

  1. Create the option set on Bigcommerce. The option names in Bigcommerce must match the dimension names in SellerCloud.
  2. Contact SellerCloud Support to create a custom column – BC_OPTIONSETID.
  3. Enable the custom column under Settings > Custom Columns.
  4. Create the n-matrix. Be advised that the dimension names must match the Option Display Names (this can be set by selecting “Edit” under “Options In This Set” when in an Option Set) in Bigcommerce in order for SellerCloud to associate the SKU with the correct option.
  5. After creating the n-matrix enter the numerical ID of the Option Set into the custom column field on the matrix parent. The Option Set ID can be obtained by hovering over the option set name in Bigcommerce. Locate the numerical ID in the url that pops up on the bottom of the page. Clicking on the option set will display the ID in the URL as well.
  6. Ready the Matrix for listing on Bigcommerce on the Website properties page.
  7. Post the matrix parent from the Website properties page or through the Manage inventory page.
  8. The Matrix will list on Bigcommerce as a variation with the matrix children residing in the SKUs sub-tab of the Options tab on the matrix parent. As noted earlier you cannot post the matrix children as individual listings and as part of the matrix.
  9. Inventory for the matrix children will be sent from the individual product so they must be “Website Enabled“. Additionally, manual updates of inventory must be done from the individual matrix children, not from the matrix parent.
Note: If you are posting single items to BigCommerce please check those instructions.

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