Preventing Orders from Shipping

You have several options to prevent or flag certain orders from shipping in the usual manner until certain criteria are met.

Unpaid orders

By default, unpaid retail orders will neither ship nor load into ShipBridge, but you can allow unpaid orders to ship at the customer level.

ShipBridge’s Admin setting Allow Shipping Of Order Regardless of Payment Status must be enabled; otherwise, these orders will not appear in ShipBridge. This setting can be enabled by SellerCloud Support.

To allow unpaid orders to ship per customer:

  1. In Client Settings > choose Allow shipping unpaid orders.
  2. In Company Settings > Toolbox > Shipping > choose Allow shipping regardless of payment status for selected customers.
  3. Open the Customer tab and search for the customer.
  4. Choose Allow Shipping unpaid orders > Save.
If you enable this customer setting after creating the order, you must open each order’s Action Menu > Allow shipping even not paid > Go. The setting change above will only affect orders that are created after the setting is enabled.

To allow unpaid orders to ship per order:

  1. In Client Settings > enable Allow shipping unpaid orders.
  2. On each order’s Detail page > Action Menu > Allow to ship even not paid > Go.


There are 2 options in ShipBridge to flag orders with no inventory or as backorders:

  • Colorize the row – In ShipBridge Menu > Options > General tab > check Colorize orders with Inventory Availability Qty > enter the quantity and color to colorize the order row when inventory for that order falls to that set quantity. The order row stays colorized until products in the order rise above the set level.
  • Divert Order to “Requires Attention” tab – In ShipBridge Menu > Customize Interface > GUI tab > check Auto move orders with backorder items to the attention tab > OK. The new Requires Attention tab will appear next to the Shipped and Unshipped tabs above the order grid. Backorders will import under that tab until inventory becomes available.

Dropship orders

In Company Settings > Toolbox > Shipping, you can enable the following dropship statuses:

  • To prevent orders with any dropship status from Pending or greater from export into ShipBridge, check Drop Ship = None.
  • To prevent orders with a dropship status from Requested or greater from export into ShipBridge, check DropShip < Requested. Note that this will not prevent the marking of orders as Shipped in SellerCloud!

Blacklisted orders

Orders can be flagged for blacklisting based on set criteria.

On Hold orders

For any reason, you can change an order’s Status to On Hold to prevent shipping and exporting to ShipBridge.

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