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Understanding product labels in Sellercloud

In Sellercloud, you can print either product or location labels. When printing a product label, you can choose whether you want to print the product’s SKU, UPC, ASIN, FINSKU, and more.

Product labels can be printed for easy identification and scanning. You can customize which information you want printed on the labels, such as basic information, like SKU or UPC with barcodes, or more in-depth information, like ASIN and Brand. Custom plugins can be developed to print more info and in any format with help from Sellercloud Support. By default, product labels print on a 3 x 1 single row label rolls. However, a plugin can be used to print out product labels on to a 30-page Avery Style label sheet. The plugin General30PerPagePRoductLabel can be installed onto your server at no cost.


Printing individual labels

  1. Access Inventory > Manage Inventory > Select your product.
  2. Click Actions > Print Labels.sellercloud product labels print product labels
  3. Select Location Labels or Product Labels > Print.sellercloud product labels print product labels


Printing multiple labels

  1. Access Inventory > Manage Inventory > Select your products.
  2. Select action menu > Print Labels.
  3. You will be moved to the page Print Labels. Select the number of labels per item and what type of label is to be printed. Once finished, click the printer icon.sellercloud manage inventory print labels page


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