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Understanding quote orders

A quote order is a means of creating an order without reserving inventory. This is typically done for wholesale customer who want to see pricing, or get a quote, before actually placing an order. However, it can be done for any type of order and any customer. This is helpful for establishing repeat customers by offering them transparent upfront rates and costs of orders.

Once the customer approves the quote order, you can convert back to a normal order. On the order’s details page:

  • Click Actions > Set in Process.

This will resume the picking, payment, and fulfillment of the order. You can manage and automate specific settings per wholesale customer to make future order purchases efficient and seamless.


Setting a quote order

There are two ways to set an order as a quote:

  • Access order details page > Actions > Set as Quote.
  • Or, use the Statuses panel. Click the pencil icon > Order Status > Quote > Save.sellercloud order details page order status quote order

Once this is done, you can print an order invoice to email to the customer directly. The invoice will be marked as a Quote Order Invoice.

  1. Select Actions > Email Customer.
  2. Click Send Invoice. Select an invoice type from the dropdown.
  3. Type your subject and message > Send.Sellercloud order details email quote invoice


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