Receiving POs

Check out this short tour on how to receive purchase orders.

Purchase orders can be received in SellerCloud or in ReceiveBridge, SellerCloud’s PO and RMA desktop receiving application.

To receive in SellerCloud, go to Inventory > Purchasing > scan the PO bar code, enter the PO number, or search and select PO.

After opening the PO, you have two receiving options in the Action Menu:

  • Receive Shipment – Lets you verify individual items and quantity. You must enter the quantity received and inventory is updated instantly
  • Receive Whole PO – Accepts the PO as complete without verification. A request will be entered into the job queue and Inventory will be updated

Each SKU has its own warehouse selection menu, so you can receive each item into its designated warehouse.Each receiving session will be tracked by the user who received it.

You can also bulk-receive shipments with a file upload: Select a file type and  download the template. Enter the product ID and receiving quantities into the columns, then save the file and select it by clicking the Choose File button. Select the file type and click Upload Receiving.

To edit a receiving or to undo it totally, open the Receive Shipment page of a purchase order. Open the Action Menu and click Edit Receiving. Enter a new quantity and click Update. If you are changing the status to Not Received, enter a zero and click Update. The status of the Purchase Order will revert to Not Received, after which you can receive it in the correct warehouse or receive the correct amount.

By default, you cannot receive quantities that are higher than what was ordered. To allow overreceiving, open the Client Settings and enable the Allow to Over Receive Purchase Order setting.

Learn how to use ReceiveBridge for POs and RMAs.

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