Receiving Returns Warehouse

Organizing you returned merchandise can be managed in different ways in SellerCloud. We recommend using the workflow described on this page as a simple and effective way to avoid any possible errors.

  1. Create an Untested (or any name that you find suitable ) Warehouse that will accept your returns. This Warehouse needs to be marked as non-sellable.
  2. Use this warehouse to receive all returned items. Since it is not sellable, you can avoid listing or selling defective items by mistake.
  3. Inspect the returned products. If they are defective, you can make an inventory adjustment to remove them or return them to the vendor. Items that are in the same condition to be sold again can be transferred to a sellable warehouse, while items that have changed condition but are still able to be sold can be transferred to another SKU that has the updated condition, following instructions available here.
Note: When using ReceiveBridge to receive an RMA, you will have the option to select the Untested (Quality Control) Warehouse. You can set a default receiving warehouse to apply to all new RMAs using the client setting “Default Orders Return Warehouse“.

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